One Bangkok continues underlining the vision to evolve Bangkok by driving the city via creativity at Bangkok Design Week 2023 for two years, under this year's concept “urban’Nice’zation” (เมือง-มิตร-ดี). One Bangkok relays the concept of creating the public seat collection which is one of the essential components of delivering the experience in the public space to the city. In addition, One Bangkok commences the public forum to uncover the concept of the public realm and partial information about the Arts and Culture Division for the first time.   

Explore the world of imagination to design the public seat that will be produced, installed, aMr. Worawat Srisa-an, Deputy CEO of One Bangkok stated about the vision of the project supporting Bangkok Design Week 2023, “One Bangkok gives priority to the concept of sustainable city development and upholds arts and cultures to continue upgrading the quality of life of urban people. We are determined to friendly move forward the city through arts, push artworks towards the creative economic value to the city and community, and establish the prime business district that is the world destination of all lifestyles, based on one vital component, which is accessible 50 rai of an area of the public and green space. The recreation space at the center of the city is designed to offer art & culture experiences via public arts and art programs around the space aiming to upgrade the people’s quality of life in the social dimension, use the public artwork to resound key concepts of artists about the society and culture, reflect the identity and spatial and economic narration, participate in the artists' development, and promote the creative industry.”

Charintip Choomuenwai, Chief Curator and Vice President of Art & Culture of One Bangkok emphasized the quality concept of city development using the public realm and art and culture activities at the public forum “Public Realm | Public Art | Public Culture” that, “The good city plan design must accommodate the quality way of life and environmental development through the art and culture programs to Color the Everyday with Art & Culture. Recently, we cooperate with THINKK Studio to organize “Seatscape & Beyond Open Studio” Exhibition to present the public seat collection, which is designed by the ten winners from One Bangkok Urban Furniture Competition 2022 “Seatscape & Beyond” where the visitors can learn about the model and background of the design of all winners. Besides, the three special excellent development awards from the ten teams were announced, which is our pride to be a part of the new-gen designers who had valuable experience cooperating with the world-leading project “One Bangkok” during the past six months. All designs will be produced, installed, and utilized at One Bangkok public realm.”

Ploypan Theerachai and Decha Archjananun , designers and founders of THINKK Studio, the consultant of One Bangkok Urban Furniture Competition 2022 “Seatscape & Beyond” revealed the overview outstanding of the ten winners that they are the new generation who are open to any idea, have novel creativity to adapt tools and new technologies and search for the astonishing thinking strategy to develop the design concept and work idea. They challenged themselves to use new materials as the furniture components.  

“Thus, we aim to provide detailed knowledge systematically during the workshop, so they understand the system and set the efficient working plan professionally, from the use of materials, the properties or size of materials, the production process, to work limitations and restrictions to produce the actual work that still maintains their imaginary concept.”

Apart from the “Seatscape & Beyond Open Studio” Exhibition and the public forum, One Bangkok organizes the “Seatscape & Beyond Presentation”, which is the public forum for the visitor to appreciate the final piece of work of all winners to find the final three excellent developed works to win 300,000 Baht, which will be decided by the experts in the design coterie, such as Surapol Utintu, Director of External Liaison Office of Thai Beverage Public Co., Ltd. and Director of EISA (Education Institute Support Activity), Wannaporn Phornprapha, Managing Director of P Landscape Co., Ltd., M.L. Pawinee Santisiri, Managing Director of  Ayodhya Trade 93 Co., Ltd. and the founder of AYODHTA Brand, Pichit Virankabutra, Vice Director of Creative Economy Agency, Charintip Choomuenwai, Chief Curator and Vice President of Art & Culture of One Bangkok, and Jeramiah Pitakwong, President of Media & Event Business, Amarin Printing and Publishing Public Co., Ltd.       

nd used across the One Bangkok space at Bangkok Design Week 2023, which will be held from today to 12 February 2023. Follow the events of One Bangkok at the Grand Postal Office Quad. More details of the winners’ achievements at or other channels of One Bangkok.


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