23 Thai Private Organizations Signed Cooperation Agreement, CECI: Action for Sustainable Future, Paving Path for the Sustainable Growth of Thailand’s Construction Industry.

23 private organizations participating in this signing are Trusty Project Management Company Limited, Team Consulting Engineering and Management Public Company Limited, Architect 49 Limited, EEC Engineering Network Company Limited, Central Pattana Public Company Limited, Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited, TCC Assets (Thailand) Company Limited, Frasers Property Holdings (Thailand) Company Limited, Supalai Public Company Limited, Saha Pathana Inter-Holding Public Company Limited, Singha Estate Public Company Limited, SC Asset Corporation Public Company Limited, Christiani and Nielsen (Thai) Public Company Limited, Thai Obayashi Corporation Limited, Nawarat Patanakarn Public Company Limited, Pornpranakorn Company Limited, Ritta Company Limited, Italian-Thai Development Public Company Limited, SCG Cement-Building Materials Company Limited., Khor Recycle Company Limited, GEPP SA-ARD Company Limited, The Concrete Products and Aggregate Company Limited and Watkinson (Thailand) Company Limited.

Mr. Nithi Patarachoke, President, Cement and Building Materials Business, SCG, as a representative from Supplier/ Distributor Sector, revealed that “CECI, or the Circular Economy in Construction Industry, was established in 2018 starting from a meeting. jointly between the executives of the private partners in the Thai construction industry from upstream to downstream. We have a common ideology and see the significance of Circular Economy as one of the most important approaches to help manage the problem of waste materials in the construction industry by using resources efficiently and aiming to operate an environmental-friendly construction industry – also known as Green Construction -- in order to create a good quality of life and provide social returns.

SCG, as a construction materials manufacturer and distributor, has joined the CECI group since its establishment. Giving importance to the development of building materials, services, and environmental-friendly solutions, the company emphasizes resource efficiency through the most efficient production process that responds to energy conservation, product lifetime extension, and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. This will help reduce the impact of global warming and enhance hygiene for residents through products, services, and solutions certified with the “SCG Green Choice” label. Moreover, SCG has also applied digital technology to environmental-friendly construction processes under the brand “CPAC Green Solution”, which will help shorten construction time, increase accuracy, reduce resource usage, minimize costs, and reduce material waste from the construction site.

 The CECI Group expects the changes that will occur in the Thai construction industry. This starts with an understanding of circular economy principle which will lead to the acceptance and application of circular economy principle in the construction industry in a concrete manner. Because of this, all 23 organizations are ready to serve as models for innovation development, passing on the knowledge to help elevate entrepreneurs in the Thai construction industry in order to move towards green construction in the future and for sustainable growth together.

For more information about the circular economy in construction industry (CECI), please visit https://www.facebook.com/CECIOfficialpage/